Is There a Better Way to Get More Financial Adviser Leads?

Shilong Chen September 01, 2018
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“8 years ago, I thought, there must be a better way, and it gives at least 3 months of holiday a year…”
— Stanislawek, a 4×TOT qualifier from Poland explains how he achieves success without making any sales calls but instead with building a digital system.

As a financial adviser, do you like countless meeting, endless phone calls and traffic jams just for getting more leads? And do you want to have more holidays for yourself every year? By looking at the table below, what are the main methods you’re using now to get leads? Let me share with you some ideas to see if there is a better way for you to get more leads.

Outbound Methods Inbound Methods
Cold Calling Newspaper Advertisement
1:1 Meeting Magazine Advertisement
Road Show TV advertisement
Networking Website Marketing
Seminar Search Marketing
Direct Mail Content Marketing
  Social Media Marketing
  Email Marketing
Outbound Methods

As on the left column of the table, methods like cold calling, 1:1 Meeting, road show, networking, seminar and direct mail, I called them outbound methods as they normally requires your own effort and time. I’m not denying these kinds of methods and it’s used to help many financial advisers grow their huge book of business. But the limitation of these methods is that you only have 24 hours a day, take the 1:1 meeting as an example, how many meeting you can make one day without exhausted, 3, 4, 5?

Inbound Methods

Compare to the outbound methods, I call the methods on the right columns of the table inbound methods, which you always can trade off your effort and time with other resources like money.

Among these methods, those highlighted with the red background like newspaper advertisement, magazine advertisement and TV advertisement are traditional inbound methods. They are effective ways to make you popular among your audiences, however they are expensive and not everyone can afford to do that.

The good news is that, digital solutions today makes it more affordable and even free for everyone to come out their own inbound solution of getting leads. Like those methods highlighted with the green background in the table. They are great tools for you to building your personal brand, getting more leads by 24*7, globally, without always requiring your effort and time.

If you think digital solution is a better way to get more leads, before any implementation, to avoid making the commom mistakes, please read our article about the Three Common Mistakes for Those Failing Digital Marketing Projects.

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