What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Website?

Shilong Chen August 01, 2018
Personal Branding Website Online Branding

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When it comes to the topic of web design, clients ask the same question ‘What’s the difference between a landing page and a website?”. And if you are also confused about the terms of landing page and website, let me show you a comparison table as below.

  Landing Page Website
Technology Web Page/HTML Web Page/HTML
Purpose To achieve specific goal like giving impression, driving traffic, signing up form, and etc. To document general information of you, your company, your product/service, and etc.
Audience Audiences with specific demography Different groups of audiences
Design Philosophy To be simplified and no distraction To be comprehensive
Links No options and links With navigation bar on top and different kinds of links
Content Specific information General information
Page Length Long Short

For our case, we combine the design ideas of landing page and website to build financial advisers’ personal branding page. Below shows you two main reasons why we design in this way,

1.To show a clear and focus branding message. (Examples below which are highlighted with red boxes in the pictures.)

Use a landing page as a main design concept to show a clear and focus branding message. In the instance of a financial adviser’s case, it’s very important to let your target audiences know you care about them, you know their problems, and you have professional solutions to solve their problems before they willing to talk to you further and become your client. Thus landing page is a great fit design concept that can prevent detracting from the message you’re trying to get across.

2.To make it as a information hub. (Examples below which are highlighted with blue boxes in the pictures.)

If you’re posting continously content, it’s important to allow your audiences retrive the information whenerver they are interested. Thus we combine website design concept to make it as a comprehensive information hub for financial advisers’ personal branding page. We put all the links at the bottom of the landing page design so that visitors can find out more information if they’re interested after they view all the information above (to know you first).


In conclusion, landing page and website are a different design of web page, more importantly about the purpose you want to achieve through this web page.