How To Create The Best Possible Personal Brand Website

Shilong Chen September 03, 2020
Personal Branding Website Online Branding

Branding and building your own personal brand is very important in the digital marketing world. You are building your niche and reach out to people about who you are. You have all of your social media linked up and you question, do I need a personal brand website? The answer is yes. 

Sweetwood on his Twitter said that your personal branding helps others remember you as individual and builds your career as brands because everyone has their own unique perspectives either they realized it or not.
So it’s really important to have your own personal brand website because it will builds traffic and also builds your own business. 

Having a personal brand website is something that you should look further and taking them seriously. The question is now how to make them? How to create the best possible way of your own personal brand website and what’s the propose of it? 

Here are 6 steps to create your own personal brand website:

1)    Design your logo that reflects your brand, put your best head shot, and write your About Me 

You want to look for uniqueness and different from other people. Your logo, head shot, and your about me page must look and feel interesting. To attract, to engage, and to build trust of your audience. 

2)    Color Palette 

It’s important to choose a catchy color palette for your website. You don’t want to make your website dull and old, right? If you are looking for a modern website, choose an edgy color palette or if you are looking to have a professional look, choose a color that represent professionalism and vice versa. 

3)    Consistency 

You don’t want to have a patchy website right? You have to be consistent in what you do when you design the website. For example, you have to have one consistent logo throughout the whole website, have the same color palette on your website, and the same elements for your website to be consistent. This is to avoid confusion throughout your website. 

4)    Social Icons 

Since you already have your social media account, why don’t you put your social media links on your personal brand website? It will drive more traffic and builds trust more within your audience. 

5)    Domain 

Now, domain address is very important because it will direct your audience to your website. You have to create and make them unique to your personal brand so that you can drive traffic to your website and also make them searchable. Web designers, for example, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly permit you to make sites utilizing a layout and intuitive interface. Web designers are modest and save you from managing coding, programming support, or other specialized viewpoints.

6)    Setting up your page structure 

You want to have a necessary page on your personal brand website. This could be your ‘About Me’, ‘Contact Us’ ‘Portfolio’ – ‘Service’ if you are offering a service and any page structure that you need for your audience to know more about you and what you’re offering to them 

And that’s it. That’s how you create your own best possible personal brand website.

If you are still feeling lost or confused why not give us a contact? We can help you with starting and setup your own personal brand website, we also provide the service to help you setup with ease. Feel free to contact us at Agent Infinite to handle the complexity for you