Why Static Website with Dynamic Components Rock?

Shilong Chen September 02, 2020
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In today’s world, technology offers us interactivity and real-time, things that a dynamic website offers. This is legit if you are developing the next Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Gmail, Wordpress or Twitter. These dynamic websites react to what the user command to display content. It is cool to have this kind of website with high interactivity, but do you really need it?

If the goal is to have a rocking high performing website, you may want to go static instead. Static website indeed sounds old school, but hey so does over-sized denim jacket, they are back in the game now! 

Why you should go fast-static

Minimalising your website’s abandonment rate could get you more traffic and happier potential clients. A research by Kissmetrics indicates that 47% of respondents expect 2-second loading time for a website, and 40% of the people would leave if it loads longer than 3 seconds. 

A static site loads ten times faster than its dynamic version. Since database is the main resource of a dynamic website, then it must be developed with a middleman or CMS (Content Management System). This generates a more complicated and heavier site compared to a static one, which use solely HTML as the main resource. 

The less party gets involved, the saver you are. By eliminating the middleman, you would make your website more secure too. Hackers and malwares do not favour static sites since they are not scripted with API or Java. This also means less maintenance and upgrading cost.

When we talk about budget, a simpler static site also helps you get cheaper hosting price. It is like getting an apartment. If you want to bring so many stuffs (remember that dynamic site carries a bunch of data), you need a bigger, which means a more expensive unit. If you go minimal (you know which type of site this is), you can get a smaller and more economical home.

But static site is dull, <<WRONG!>>

Static website may have dynamic components in it. Let say you are building a website for personal branding or marketing; you may invite your visitor to fill certain form on your site. When you host an event, you may create a self-made invitation generator for them too. These are a couple of examples of dynamic components that can be attached to your static site.

Some static site generators are the next big things now. They have been improving and creating new tools that function finely to cater the needs of website’s creator, which also have been translated to different programming languages. Over the years, complicated static site update issue has been resolved too by automation these days.

Now you may ask, which static site generator is best for me. Since each of them was built with purpose, you may need to firstly decide the purpose of your website too. For marketing, you may want to build it with Middleman or Roots. If blogging is your main activity, then Jekyll or Hugo is the answer. For displaying your artistic or visual portfolio, try Cactus. 

It is not recommended to choose an all-around generator that is heavily filled with plugins. What is dull is a slow, unsafe, yet expensive site. Again, being light, fast, specific yet stuffed with attractive useful contents is key to a successful rocking website. 

Give me a successful rocking website

If you’re interested in having one, get yourself a team of cutting-edge web designer and trusted web developer. It is important to hire professionals who can work together and practice superior creative and technological quality control, hence your website project would conclude on time and on point. 

Some complications may emerge, such as hiring different professionals at once, ensuring them to work on the same page efficiently, or spending more than your budget since tech professionals are gold nowadays. Agent Infinite is therefore here not only to provide customised solutions to your concerns, but also bring more values along the process. Let us be at your service. Contact us and let’s create your rocking site!