How To Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

Shilong Chen September 02, 2020
LinkedIn Marketing Lead Generation


First of all, what is LinkedIn and its function? LinkedIn is a significant asset for vocation and business experts to organize; acquire assets and backing; and construct associations with likely clients, customers, and accomplices.

LinkedIn can assist you with developing your business or profession. A total LinkedIn profile can assist you with interfacing with circumstances by displaying your exceptional expert story through experience, aptitudes, and training.

LinkedIn is an interpersonal organization that centers around proficient systems administration and profession advancement. You can utilize LinkedIn to show your resume, look for occupations, and upgrade your expert notoriety by posting refreshes and collaborating with others. In LinkedIn we can likewise utilize it for Lead Generation.

What is Lead Generation? Lead age is the showcasing cycle of invigorating and catching enthusiasm for an item or administration to build up a business pipeline, permits organizations to support focuses until they’re prepared to purchase. Lead age can be valuable for any sort or size of business, and for both B2C and B2B spaces.

Suppose for instance, you take an online overview to become familiar with how to deal with your vehicle. A day or so later, you get an email from the auto organization that made an overview of how they could assist you in dealing with your vehicle.

This cycle would be far less nosy than if they’d quite recently gotten you suddenly with no information on whether you even consider about vehicle support, correct?

This is the thing that it takes after to be a lead. What’s more, from a business point of view, the data the auto organization gathers about you from your review reactions encourage them to customize that initial correspondence to address your current issues — what’s more is to not sit around idly calling drives who aren’t at all inspired by auto administrations.

How to do it? 

1. Making the ideal and cleaned profile.

Discover your quality, get your aptitudes, instruction, and your profile photograph right.

2. Build your network.  
Networking is one important thing on LinkedIn. You can start connecting with your current and past network. Conduct a search on LinkedIn to find individuals that you’ve already known and build your network from there. 

3. Reach to your former clients. 
Keep track of your former clients on LinkedIn so there would not be awkwardness and makes them feel valuable. 

4. Join LinkedIn Groups  
Join groups that have your clients/ customers so you can engage with them. 

5. Update relevant content on the groups and ask specific question 
So they could know your recent update and news and engaged with you more 

6. Use your expertise to answer what you know best 
Use the LinkedIn group as a way to discuss and connect more with your clients/ customers/ network and when they ask you relevant questions, you can answer them and have a discussion forum in there. This is the best way to network and builds trust. 

7. Check out their profiles. 
Know more of your client / customer. This way you could appreciate them more and understand more of their expertise and interests. 

8. Use the information that you get to reach them. So you know them better. 
To connect in LinkedIn with someone other than your first network requires trust. Once you build your trust to them, you would get to know them better and you two can connect and prospect the client even more without bombarding them with spam messages but because you have build trust with them, they will welcome you with open arms

9. Use Advanced Filters and InMail features. 
Having a LinkedIn Premium is one of the best features in LinkedIn because you can directly connect your second or third network and email them in. They would normally reply to you to network with you. 

10. Make a LinkedIn group
This will gives your control over your content and your network. The way you want the group to be open or disclosed is up to you but this is the best way to engaged with your audience and pour out your thoughts on how to make a difference with the members of your group. 

11. Make a post, regularly. 
You can post link, what’s on your mind? photos, or anything on LinkedIn that would build the trust and engage your clients / customer more. You must add value with each update and that is important. 

After you did all those steps above, you are ready to use your LinkedIn for the lead generation and to help you with starting and setup your LinkedIn Lead Generation, we also provide the service to help you setup with ease. Feel free to contact us at Agent Infinite to handle the complexity for you.