What Is A WeChat Official Account?

Shilong Chen August 28, 2020
Social Media Marketing Online Branding

The use of social media platform nowadays is rapid and fast. One of them are the use of WeChat Official Account. What is it, how it’s functioning, and everything you need to know about its feature will be discussed on this blog.

WeChat is very popular and an important platform for digital marketing, especially in China. The app has over 900 million monthly active users and it is used for day to day functions such as bill payments, sharing content, m-commerce and so on.

WeChat Official Account resembles having a Facebook Business Page and you can use to showcase your specialty to your kin and doing a wide range of promoting proposes on WeChat. Official accounts are the formal way for companies to engage their customers through WeChat.

There are three kinds of WeChat official accounts; Subscription Accounts, Service Accounts and Enterprise Accounts.

In which we’re going to explained them one by one:

Subscription Accounts: It’s similar to an RSS feed. Where you can get your daily news of the companies that you subscribe or you’re following.

Service Accounts: Service Accounts can do substantially more than memberships accounts. They approach a significant part of the full scope of capacities accessible through the WeChat stage, for example, taking installments, ‘shake’ or utilizing WeChat coupons’. WeChat service accounts are advancing rapidly, permitting clients to do an assortment of errands for example book taxi cabs and request breakfast.

Enterprise Accounts: This record isn’t obvious to an ordinary client since they are intended for an organization’s inner cycle and secure correspondence.

The messages and management of these account are much more secure than normal chat threads.

Those three records are significant in utilizing the WeChat highlights. Based on what you need you can choose which accounts that is suitable for you and your company needs.

Since we know the contrast between each record, the following inquiry would be how would we discover the WeChat Official Accounts. 

It’s so simple.

Here are the few steps:

  • Scanning a QR code. Unlike in Western countries, QR codes are a very popular way to access content.
  • Search. WeChat contains a search tool for Official Accounts.
  • Shared name card.
  • Offline payments.
  • Advertising.

Let’s discuss these in detail - 

WeChat official accounts can be found using the following steps:

  • WeChat Social Timeline (WeChat Moments): This is a fairly common method for bringing in new followers on WeChat. With WeChat Moments, users click on the article and access the account page using your name.
  • Scanning a QR Code:  QR codes remain a common option when it comes to accessing content. WeChat users are familiar with this idea and can scan the QR code included in the WeChat article. A bit of reminder, WeChat also includes an offline variation through its embedded QR code scanner. QR codes are ideal for offline use. They’re easy to set up in your physical store, at key events, and on your products. Several brands use the power of QR codes to help increase their conversion rate by including them at the bottom of articles.
  • Search: WeChat has a built-in search feature for all Official Accounts. The user can type in an account’s name to find it. In general, this method is applicable for those already aware of a particular account. Otherwise, it’s hard to find the right account. If users are familiar with the brand, this is often the easiest way to locate their Official Account.
  • Shared Name Card: A simple name card for your WeChat Official Account can be shared through person-to-person contact. This name card can include the account’s name and details all in one place. However, these name cards cannot be shared through your timeline.
  • Offline Payments: Assuming a user pays through WeChat Payment, the account can invite them directly. The message is sent as soon as the payment is approved. This allows the user to click-through and sign up.
  • Advertising: WeChat has a built-in “one click follow” button for each Official Account. This is ideal for CPC advertising (cost per click).

So what is the in depth comparison between WeChat Subscription and Service accounts? The goal behind WeChat Service and Subscription accounts are unique and subsequently, prompts fluctuating substance.

Subscription accounts center around bringing issues to light and advancing the brand. Service accounts are essentially for overseeing and keeping up client connections.

Exploiting a Subscription account’s free limitation on posting limits, we prescribe brands to impart more to adherents consistently. By the by, ensure the substance posted is smart and instructive, else, it will be difficult to keep up the perusers’ advantage.

Given that WeChat clients read roughly 5 articles every day, the correct substance urges adherents to share more among their companions, satisfying the fundamental goal of advancement.

Notwithstanding the sort of account, you should even now focus on WeChat article streamlining to improve your perceivability in the indexed lists inside WeChat’s web crawler. 

Here’s the differences in between the two accounts: 

Subscription account:

  • Lower visibility
  • Found in the folder named “Subscriptions” which is on the chat level
  • Additional step for users to click in order to see your push message

Service account:

  • Higher visibility
  • Found in the chat level, the same page as your friends’ message
  • Users can quickly access your new content

After all these through, presently we know the contrast between the subscription account and the service account.

Since WeChat is China based, the question is now how to make them for an overseas company? It’s so easy. These are the steps:

  • Go to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform.
  • Select the Official Account type.
  • Input the credentials.
  • Confirm account type.
  • Fill in the business details and the admin’s info.
  • Double check the filled in information.
  • Create an account profile.

Voila, you are done. It’s basic and now you can utilize your We Chat for your business effortlessly. To assist you with beginning and arrangement your We Chat official account, we offer the support to help you arrangement easily. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Agent Infinite to deal with the unpredictability for you.